Monday, October 20, 2014

The Kool-aid, so yeah I drank it...

So this morning I went to my first ever CrossFit class at CrossFit En Fuego

I knew I would love it before I even went. I've been stalking other people who Cross-fit for a long time and when I need motivation I have been known to spend way to much time on CrossFitgirls

So this morning I woke up and set out to get signed up for the first of three required ignition courses to get all new Cross fitters familiar with how things work and how to do the movements with proper form. 

I was immediately impressed with their box, I don't have much personal experience but I do know what a box should and shouldn't look like. I met Peter and his wife Jen and they were both super helpful and made me feel at home before I even signed the waiver and handed over my credit card.  

Day 1 included 

a basic warm up followed by learning the basics of:

-a few different squats- air, front- and back
-how to do assisted pull ups
-push ups

then I did a 500 meter row

and then my first WOD for time

-front squats
-pull-ups with rings
-100 m run

x 3

I finished in around 8:50 

I was hooked before the my WOD even started and I can't wait to go back tomorrow at 4pm to get my second ignition course knocked out. 

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