Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly Recap 5/5-5/11...

Monday- 20 mile ride
    • 16.4 mph
    • Extremely tired 
Tuesday AM- 4.5 mile track workout
    • 10:14 pace but this doesn't include walk/water breaks.
    • Felt good to be back out, but it was clear I have lost a lot of my endurance.  
    • Very excited about getting out again next week. 
Tuesday PM- 10.15 mile ride
    • 17 mph
    • Felt ok
Wednesday- 40.5 mile ride
    • 16.4 mph
    • Felt good  
Thursday- 1.66 mile run plus .7 miles on the treadmill
    • Ran with Mike for about a half mile until he needed to speed up, Mica happened to be running back towards the start so I took the chance to turn around early and catch up with her. We had a great time walking and talking with a little running thrown in. After I got home I decided to try and run a little on the treadmill but didn't get far, Arya tried to crew up the foam roller so I called it quits. 
Source: David 

Thursday PM- 2 mile ride with Arya and Emma

    • Once we dropped Audrey off at the bus, Emma and I decided to go clean up the trailer and take Arya for a run. I rode my mountain bike since there is no way my tri bike can make it down our road. 

Friday- Rest day

    • Friday was rough, I wanted to work out but I was tired and completely unmotivated. I didn't track my food and pretty much just laid on the couch all day. 

Saturday- 4 miles with the Striders

    • I finally made it back out to Starkey and got a nice run in with Mica. 

Source: David

Sunday- 8 mile run with Diego

    • I had planned to ride on Sunday but Diego had another idea for me. He convinced me to meet him in Long Leaf for an 8 mile run, which is the longest I have run in months. We took off and ran the first 4 miles without stopping once, after that we took a few walk breaks here and there. I am so glad he convinced me to come out, not only did I meet one of my goals to run over 5 miles, I think this long run got me back into the training frame of mind. 

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