Monday, May 5, 2014

Starting Over-ish (running edition)...

Although I was cleared to run again 4 weeks ago after I took 4 weeks off to recover from surgery (yikes 8 weeks have passed), I haven't really gotten back in the groove. I was super pumped up to be allowed to run again but I don't think I realized how much fitness I lost and how much weight I had gained. The weight gain is due to the new additions themselves, not running, eating A LOT of food, AND drinking more than normal.

I want to get back to running consistently and although I have plenty of people to run with I have been finding excuses not to get out there. The first reason was needing to get home in time for James to drop off Emma and get to work, that excuse is no longer valid because school is out and now I can stay out a little longer. 

The second reason which I just realized is that now that I'm slower I have a somewhat irrational fear of being left behind. Clearly I need to get over that because the only way I'm going to run more/faster is if I actually get out there and RUN!!! 

I plan on keeping the following cardio schedule now that I'm out of school and the girls are still in school for another month. I will just readjust this plan in June.

Monday- Ride AM/ Run a few miles at night  
Tuesday- Track with Jen, Larisa, and Aileen
Wed- Ride
Thursday- Run in LL
Friday- Ride
Saturday- Run in Starkey
Sunday- Ride with the sTRIders or alone   

I'm also going to renew my membership with the YMCA so I can take the girls to the gym and pool during the summer. I'm looking forward to getting back in the pool and taking body pump again. I guess we will see how this all goes.  

Next up "Starting Over-ish (weight-loss edition)" <<  this is going to be be ugly!!!
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