Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Update...

  • Run thirteen 13.1's in 2013
    • 6 down, 7 more to go!-This may change now that I am training for two marathon 6 weeks apart
  • Finish Ocala HITS 70.3 Olympic Tri and be proud of my accomplishment  Didn't happen, I dropped down to the Olympic distance and it sucked!!
  • Complete a century bike ride- I will have to do this on my own if I can
  • Sub 2:10 in a half-marathon/ Sub 28:00 5k Sub 28:00 5k completed in May 26:15
  • Go trail running
  • Do and endurance obstacle race -Tough Mudder in Nov!
  • Training ride over 20 miles over 20 mph avg
  • Training run of 5 miles or over sub 9:00 avg pace- down to 8:22 avg for 3.14 miles and 9:09 for 6 miles so I'm getting closer
  • Try cross-fit 
  • Lose 25 pounds- Ugh down only 7 or so but I have a new plan
  • Wear real running shorts
  • Run- 1,000 miles- 512 miles so far
  • Cycle- 4,000 miles- 912 miles so far
    • I'm not sure where I came up with 4k but I will just see what I can do. 
  • Finish my last 7 classes 
    • Bio Chemistry-I survived and it wasn't pretty
    • Writing Intensive- Done with an A!!!
    • Cell BiologyA in Lab- B in Lecture
    • Determinative Bacteriology- Fall 2013- Classes start August 25th
    • Immunology- Fall 2013
    • Two semesters of a foreign language- Spanish 1 and lab Fall 2013  
  • Apply to clinicals- I apply December 2013
  • Repaint the front door and replace the screen door
  • Repaint the kitchen
  • Put new tile in the kitchen
  • Properly install crown molding in the kitchen
  • Build a well house
  • Put plants around the side of the house  
    • We bought all of the stones and mulch

Feel good goals
  • 13 nice gestures or more
    • 6 down 7 to go
  • Donate blood 5 times
    • January, May, and sometime in August
  • Volunteer at a race
    • Done- Gasparilla 5k/15k on 2/23!!!
  • Sponsor a Striders social hour
  • Go on a real date night with James once a month- 7 for 7 so far
    • July- Bar hopping with Greg and then we went to Burger 21!
  • Sleep at least/only 7-8 hours a night 
    • Getting better
  • Sell my old QR Sold in April!
  • Sell the Barracuda
  • Help plan my Niece Kaitlin's wedding-The wedding was great!
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