Sunday, July 28, 2013

Space Coast Marathon here I come...

Well, here we go again!! I lost my mind last Tuesday and signed up for another marathon. I'm already signed up for the Disney Marathon in January so I will just start my training plan 6 weeks early, as in... Tomorrow!!!

The Space Coast Marathon has a new BIG BANG SERIES starting this year, if you complete 3 races in 5 years you get a special Milky Way Challenge medal and if you complete 5 races in 5 years in addition to the Milky Way medal you receive an Intergalactic Challenge medal.

I have no idea what will be going on over the next few years, if I will be able to complete all five but at least I will have the first spaceship medal and I can work on the rest as they come.

So training starts tomorrow with a 5 mile run, so on that note I'm going to bed and I will post with an updated training plan tomorrow after my early morning run.

Week 1 Day 1 - 5 miles  
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