Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Space Coast Marathon Training Plan...

      As I mentioned the other day, I have gone off and signed up for another full marathon. Clearly I need help but what can I say I like a challenge, have you seen my school schedule?? 

Currently I these races planned-

October 27th- Frankenfooter Half-Marathon
November 3rd- Tough Mudder
November 24th- Women's Half-Marathon
December 1st-  Space Coast Marathon
January 12th- Disney Marathon 

      Ok so while typing this I just realized I will be running the Women's Half one week before the Space Coast Marathon. Ummm let's pretend I planned it that way and that the half will be a slow training run, ok? ok!! 

      Moving on to the training, as of right now I plan on using the Runner's World Smart Coach 16 week training plan with an additional 2 weeks added to the beginning. I plan on posting my plan for the week and then see how well I can stick to it. I also use DailyMile if you want to see how I'm doing. So without further ado, I present week one to you.

5 miles easy 
off or speedwork- 4x800
5 miles easy 
6 miles tempo-ish
off/cross train 
8 miles easy 
off/ cross train
      This is just running I will also be adding in weights to prepare for Tough Mudder. Well that is what my week should look like, let's see how well I do.

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