Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Upper Pithlachascotee River Preserve...

It's the first day of the girls summer break and I think we have found where we will be spending the next few months. For years now the county has said that they are opening a new preserve down the road from us and it has been slow going. Actually the preserve has been open but it was nothing but an old building and a forest. Well that has all changed now, we found out this morning that they finally built something worth visiting. 

 This morning the girls and I packed up a snack and water and headed exactly 0.9 miles down our dirt road to go play at the new playground. We drove to the preserve today but we already have plans to clean up my old Trek mountain bike and attach the bike trailer to it head down there with a picnic lunch later this week.

They had a blast even though they had issues getting on and off the seesaw.

 While they played I did some jumping jacks and box jumps on the side of the playground.

There is a 1.5 mile trail to run/ hike on that I will be checking out later today. I plan on incorporating the trail into my training plan to help me get ready for Tough Mudder in November. 

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