Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Goals...

I have decided to try and blog more consistently this summer to keep myself on track. These are my training goals for June, I plan on posting updates whenever I make progress on them. Hopefully that will be everyday even if it is a small update. 
  • Run 100 miles- 
  • Cycle 250 miles- 30 miles so far
  • Start doing yoga after hard runs
  • Weights for legs after an easy run
  • Lift weights the day before a hard run
  • Lose 8 pounds = down to 167  

Rough training plan for June

M- Easy run/ arms
T- Speedwork with Larisa/ yoga
W- Easy run/ arms/ evening bike ride
R- Tempo run/ yoga
S- Long run/yoga
S- Long ride

I may have to change things around but I plan on following these guidelines based on experience and from my friend Marcia.

  • 1 speed workout per week- a mix of 400's and 800'd 1.5-2 minutes faster than race pace.
  • 1 tempo run at race pace
  • 1 long run- not longer than 10 miles
  • 1-2 easy runs
  • Alternate 4 days and 5 day training weeks
  • Yoga/core work 2x a week- after a tough run
  • Weights 2x a week 
    • Legs after an easy run
    • Arms the day before a tough run

This plan will start the week of June 6th because I am running Rap River on Saturday and I don't want to do anything crazy before then.
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