Friday, May 3, 2013

Tough Mudder...

So I'm crazy, on November 3rd 2013 I will be doing Tough Mudder!!! 
10-12 miles and 25 obstacles, yep that sounds like fun to me!!


I don't have a specific plan in place to train for Tough Mudder yet but I figured I would start with this guide. So far I really like it and James is already coming up with all kinds of obstacles we can build in the back yard. 

I also bought latex dipped gloves which are highly recommended for the race you  just have to cut the fingers off so that water can drain out. 

So six months from today I will be reciting this pledge in kick ass shape ready to earn my orange headband.

I'm going to try and take pictures each month to track my progress and to see how well training is going. 

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