Monday, April 8, 2013

Introducing Arya...

A little over two weeks ago we added a new member to our family. We had been saying we would eventually get a puppy because we have such a great yard for a dog and the girls have been asking. We hadn't planned on getting a puppy now but it just worked out that way. Getting a puppy wasn't as smooth as we thought it would be but I will get to that in a minute, first here she is so you can all say AWWW...

Back to how we ended up adopting Arya. Like I said, we knew we eventually wanted a puppy but didn't know when we would really get one. We actually tried to adopt three times before we eventually found Arya.  

This adventure started when a local animal shelter posted a picture on Facebook of an adorable male black lab that was up for adoption. I sent James a picture and he asked me what I was up to, at the time I really was just showing him a picture of a cute puppy. That didn't last long, after about thirty minutes I had emailed them to say we were interested. We got excited about actually adopting a puppy and we waited to hear back, unfortunately we were fourth in line to adopt him. Puppy number one was gone and we were a little sad we didn't get him. Adoption attempt number one = Fail. 

After they let us know that the first puppy was not available I realized he had two brothers available so I  immediately emailed about them. I quickly received an email back stating that we would get a call later that evening with details and we were sure we were getting a puppy. While we were waiting to hear back from them I told James that I was already feeling protective over the puppies, so clearly it was a sign we really wanted one. Well they never called that evening and the next day I received an email saying that they were sorry but that puppies had already been spoken for. So our second attempt at adopting was also foiled. 

My friend Mary told us that we should just go to the Humane Society to adopt a puppy and that way we wouldn't have to wait. The Humane Society's website has a live update of the animals that are available, so we figured we would be able to see what puppies were available and just head to Tampa and adopt. I looked on their website and found an adorable little yellow and black lab named Brody that had been there for five days. We showed the girls his picture and thought about it while procrastinating for about twenty minutes before deciding. We finally decided we would adopt him so we headed to Tampa (about a 45 minute drive).

We arrived at the Tampa Humane Society at 5:35 on Tuesday night and went in to find our new puppy. We headed straight back to the kennels, but we couldn't find him anywhere. I broke out my phone and double checked the website and he was still listed so I figured that they had just moved him or something. We headed up to the front to ask about him and they assured us he was still there but no one could seem to find him. We waited and waited and finally found out that someone else had arrived before us and were visiting with him and deciding if they would adopt him. While we waited they came walking out with their new puppy and we were left empty handed. I spoke to the guy at the counter and he said that they got there exactly 20 minutes before we had (exactly the amount of time we wasted deciding if we would go or not). Adoption attempt three= Fail.

While talking to the guy at the counter he mentioned that they would be receiving forty-five puppies in the next day and that once they were fixed and chipped they would be listed on the website on Thursday. We waited and when Thursday came a lot puppies were listed but the ones we were interested in were two female black lab puppies named Abby and Dottie. I tried to convince James I should skip class and go done to Tampa so we wouldn't miss out again but he wasn't having it. He did agree to leave work a little early and we grabbed the girls and headed to Tampa to see Abby. 

We got to the Humane Society and as quickly as we could, found her, and grabbed her paper work so no one else could claim her. We got to visit with her and immediately knew she was the one for us. An hour and a half later we had signed the adoption papers and bought a large crate and were on our way home. 

We decided to change her name from Abby to Arya (we like Game of Thrones). They girls love her already, well except when she gets mouthy. They are having a great time playing with her in the yard and fighting over who gives her a treat after she pees outside. 


Things are going well with her so far. She is exactly like having a new baby except that she does sleep through the night which is nice. We are crate training her and she is getting the idea that the crate is her area/place and doesn't fuss when it's time to go in.

We talked to the dog trainer at Petco and she said she doesn't see any marking on her to know what she is mixed with but she looks like she is mostly lab. The trainer also said she will be between 60-70 pounds or so, I will definitely have the big dog I wanted and a new running partner once she gets bigger. 

Here are just a few more pictures of her from the week we got her. You can already see how much she has grown from the picture below to the one above where Audrey is holding her.

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