Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rock-n-Roll After Party and Shakeout Run...

Monday night we headed down to Hyde Park to FITniche where they along with Brooks were hosting an after party and shakeout run for the Rock-n-Roll half-marathon the day before. 

We arrived a little while after the party started but with plenty of time to say hi to everyone before the shakeout run started. We stopped my the Brooks tent and I won a t-shirt which was pretty cool.

We got to see Mary, and Emma was immediately obsessed with her dog Winny. Emma was so excited to get kisses from Winny and to pet her.  Although most of our pictures sucked I wanted to share them anyhow because I thought they were cute. 

They had a cool photo booth set up but Audrey refused to come near it. I finally got Emma to come take a picture with me but I didn't realize it was set up to take four at a time so this is what we ended up with.

 We took off for our 3 mile shakeout run and I decided my main goal of the evening was to not get lost and survive running with a group that was way faster than I am. I did pretty well and on the way back I just stayed right behind Mary and Marcus so I would know how to get back to the store from Bayshore. It was such a nice change of scenery to run along the water, I really need to make a point to head over there on a Monday night to shake up my running routine every once in a while.

When we got back we found Tia and picked up some cool Rock-n-Roll shirts for all of us and used a coupon from the store to score some cheap new Balaga socks and energy bars. 

Overall we all had a great time and I'm looking forward to heading back to Hyde Park to run with Mary and the people at FITniche sooner rather than later.

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