Monday, February 11, 2013

Fitness Class at Airheads Trampoline Arena...

So I am so behind on posting lately but school won out over blogging the last few weeks but I plan to catch up on posts and then try and become more consistent.

Thanks to Jessica from Cuban Running Crisis and the Tampa Bay Bloggers I got a chance to go try out a new fitness class at Airheads Trampoline Arena. I had heard of Airheads before but I had no idea they had a fitness class, so I was excited to head on over and try out a new class and meet some new friends.  

I got to Airheads bright and early, ready to have a great workout and take lots of pictures but as soon as I turned on my camera I realized the battery was almost dead. So first, I want to say thank you so much to Caroline for taking such great pictures and letting me share them.

Jessica, Jenny, Denise, Caroline, and I got all checked in and while we waited to get started we were able to meet with both the Founder and CEO of the company. We walked around and checked out facility and saw that they had set out an awesome looking continental breakfast for us to enjoy. 

I had already eaten breakfast but I was so glad they had water and Gatorade because once we got started it was definitely needed. 

In addition to the huge jumping arena have a concession stand and arcade which was really nice.

Pretty soon it was time to start the class, from the time I stepped onto the trampoline I knew I was going to be in have an awesome time and great workout.

We started off with some basic jump to warm up but clearly I got really excited that my picture was being taken and decided to show off. What can I say acting like a big kid is a lot of fun!!!

We did mountain climbers, lunges, skiing, and lunges.

Regular squats and what I would call power squats where we had to stay in a squat but bounce at the same time.

We did arm exercises and push-ups.

Balancing exercises by standing on one leg and swinging the other to the back, side, and front on each leg.

We did regular and side planks which I failed horribly at, I guess I know what I need to work on at home.

 Towards the end we did a sprint relay where each person had to sprint the length of the arena before the next person in the group could go. Let me just say I love this shot of Denise flying to the finish.

They even had cold towels ready for us during our break which was an great addition to the class. 

In the end I had a fabulous time with new and old friends and I could feel the workout for days afterwards. Airheads was great to us and now they are being great to you too!!

I have 5 free passes to give away ( I will give away a set of two and a set of three) to two lucky winners, each one is good for a whole session of open jumping or a fitness class at any location. I know you will have a great time and and burn a ton of calories. Also your first fitness class is free so you can save these for your second visit.

So leave me a comment and I will have Emma and Audrey pick the winners out of a bowl next Monday

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I also want to say thank you again to Caroline for the awesome pictures she captured of our fun day!!!

*Airheads provided each of the Tampa Bay Bloggers in attendance with five passes to give away to our readers. All opinions are my own. 
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