Saturday, January 5, 2013

There's going to be a wedding....

 Exciting news...

My niece Kaitlin is getting married, not only is she getting married it's happening in 8 short weeks. I'm supper happy for her and her fiance they are so great together.

I knew the engagement was coming but what I didn't know is that the wedding is going to be so soon or that I would be in it. On March 3rd I get to stand next to her and watch her become a wife, its craziness I tell you. Kaitlin called me Thursday night to see if I was busy on Friday because she was going dress shopping and of course I wanted to be there so I dropped my plans, found a babysitter, and made my way to David's bridal Friday afternoon. I didn't know what all we were doing but apparently Kaitlin and Ricki had been busy the night before and had bridesmaids dresses picked out and ready to be fitted.

Although I'm making a crazy face I really like her choice of dresses, they fit all three girls really well and we were able to mark dresses off the list of things to do. The dresses won't be this color and the shoes were added for height but you get the idea. 

Once we had the bridesmaids dresses set it was time to get the bride a gown. We had a great consultant who told us she had a knack of picking the perfect dress with three tries and she did just that. Presenting the wedding gown...

Ok of course I can't actually show you the dress she choose but I can show you the reaction it received from Kendra and Ricki. They were so sweet once she decided she had found her dress, I can't wait to see how
they react at the wedding.

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