Monday, January 28, 2013

Measurement Monday 1/28/13...

Although I won't be doing measurements today since I want to do them every two weeks so I see a change I do want to post my workouts for the week.

Week in Review

Monday -
  • 40 mile ride  
  • 2.25 mile run
  • Some weights and planks
    •  James was off of work for the holiday so I headed out on a long bike ride to loosen my legs from the half on Sunday and later I jumped on the treadmill to run a few miles.


  •  off
    • I gave blood so I couldn't work out, I should have worked out before I donated but oh well.


  • 600 yard swim
    • We went swimming but I was feeling off from donating so I cut the swim short.


  • 2.5 mile tempo run and an 18.5 mile ride


  • 5 mile run @ 10:08 pace


  • off
    • We skipped going running with the Striders because we didn't want the girls to be cold and cranky, what I should have done was just go alone and let James run later-lesson learned.  Later we went to Clearwater beach with the sTRIders for an open water swim but the girls got tired so I ended up skipping my swim also.

  • 66 mile ride - 19 mph avg
  • .5 mile run off the bike
    • The sTRIders had 3.5 hours on the schedule so we headed out and I ended up riding the longest I have ever gone. After we were done we had a 30 minute run off the bike but that wasn't happening so I just ran a little to move the lactic acid out.
Swim - 600 yards
Bike -  124 miles
Run -   10.75 miles
Strength- 1x


This week I was really light in the running and heavy on the cycling but this week will be more balanced because I have The Best Damn Race Half-Marathon coming up on Saturday.

Lessons learned this week
  • When giving blood, work out in the morning so you don't screw up your training.
  • If James and I can't get out together don't just scrap the whole workout.
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