Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disney Half-Marathon recap...

Whoo hoo I can mark my first 13.1 of 2013 off my list. We woke up at 4am and quickly got dressed and headed to Epcot so I could get to my corral on time. Traffic was busy when we got to Epcot but it moved quickly and in no time I was out of the van and headed to corral C. I pretty much headed straight towards the corral and even though it wasn't even 5am they were announcing that we needed to get to the starting area so off I went. Boy they weren't kidding it took forever to get to the crowds while we were still walking we heard the first fireworks and the hand cyclists were off. 

After about 10 minutes of standing around it was time for our fireworks and off we went. 

Within the first mile I decided to run into an empty port-o-potty to pee and then I was on my way. I didn't really train for this race so my main goal was to run a consistent race. I tend to go out fast and then give up towards the end and walk way more than necessary.

I don't have a specific mile-by-mile breakdown of things I saw or encountered I will say it was humid and definitely not an easy course. It was fun seeing the castle all lit up and the characters along the way but with so many people running there was a lot of bottle-necking which slowed everyone down. 

While I was out running James and the girls walked around the spectator area of the Magic Kingdom and they pretended to sleep to avoid being on camera so early in the morning.

Audrey decided that filling her empty bagel container with flowers was a good way to keep herself entertained (sorry Disney for destroying your flowers).

In the end I did exactly was I set out to do, I finished happy and instead of slowing down at the end I actually picked up the pace.

Race info
Walt Disney World Half-Marathon
My official time: 2:22:08
Garmin time: 2:22:12 average pace 10:41 

Mile splits
Mile 1- 11:31
Mile 2- 11:04
Mile 3- 10:28
Mile 4- 10:16
Mile 5- 10:34
Mile 6- 10:49
Mile 7- 10:36
Mile 8- 10:40
Mile 9- 10:34
Mile 10-10:39
Mile 11-10:48
Mile 12-10:34
Mile 13-10:38  + .32 at 9:35 pace
Overall it was a fun day and now I'm even more excited to check more half-marathons off my thirteen 13.1's in 2013 list. 

Thirteen 13.1's in 2013

      1. Walt Disney World Half-Marathon- 2:22:08
      2. Clearwater Half-Marathon ????

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