Monday, January 21, 2013

DietBet and Measurement Monday...

Last week I did something I think is going to be a lot of fun and will help me really get in shape and lose some weight. I love competition and since that is how I lost weight a few years ago I know I will rock it so I joined DietBet. For this specific bet you pay $25 and as long as you lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks you get your money back and those who don't complete the bet lose their money and the winners get to split the pot.

The pot is currently up to $5,900, to bad there isn't a grand prize that would be really motivating.

Last week I stepped on the scale and took a picture with a word specific to this DietBet and a full length photo of myself to prove it was me.

In an attempt to put it all out there and be accountable I'm posting the pictures I submitted. My current weight wasn't a surprise with the recent holidays I have been everything but maintaining a clean diet.

So since I'm already over-sharing I'm going to also post progress pictures and measurements every two weeks and although I don't like what I see now it will be nice to look back and see that my hard word is paying off.

I had new found motivation last night so I jumped on the treadmill and ran 2.25 miles in 21 minutes to loosen  my legs after this mornings ride and yesterdays half-marathon. I'm slowly starting to believe that I am indeed stronger than I give myself credit for which I really need to remember more often.

Then I decided it would be a great time to start Measurement Monday by having James take my picture and measurements. I also decided to see how long I could hold a plank on the bosu and how much I could bench press. 

Waist (seam in pants)






Plank on bosu
1:18 sec

Bench Press
3x10 @ bar

Leg Press
180 pounds

All of the measurements were taken with the outfit I have on above which I will do all of my measurements in to keep things consistent. Well that's all of the sharing I have for now.

Tell me, what are your goals for the week?

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