Monday, January 21, 2013

40 miles done and the start of clutter removal...

This afternoon I finally got back on my bike for a good long ride. It had been 2 weeks since I last rode, I got over 100 miles in the first week of January but then I somehow ignored my bike which is clearly not good since I have a Half-Ironman in less than 9 weeks.

I got 40 miles in and felt pretty good considering that I ran the Clearw
after half yesterday. I also have proof I'm a little OCD, I was going to ride 36 miles but when I got back to the car my average speed dropped below 18 mph and only showed 35.98 miles and of course that wasn't going to cut it. I turned around and decided an even number would be better so I went back out for 4 more miles.

I finally got done after riding over 2 hours and was ready to head home for some food and a much needed shower. While I found lunch I convinced James to take pictures of my old QR so we can sell it and have more money for races and things like that.

I really liked my old bike but now that I have the new hotness I'm definitely not going to feel bad about saying goodbye and seeing someone else take it on some new adventures. 

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