Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brooksville Hills...

This morning I headed out to ride with my tri team the sTRIders in Brooksville, I didn't really want to ride in the hills but I wanted to try out the new bike. 
We ended up having 21 riders out this morning.

The ride started off ok but I realized after a few miles that my brake was touching and when I stopped to fix it I got dropped. 

I kept going for a little longer until I decided that 36 miles of running this past week + hills + fear of messing up my new bike was not a good combination. I turned around after only 7.5 miles and headed back to find Larisa and Maribel who were out with the group for the first time.

I knew 15 miles wasn't going to be enough for the day so I planned on heading south by myself after I found them. I ended up finding them back at the parking lot goofing off and decided to join in on the fun.

 Maribel tried to pick Marcia up but it didn't work out well.

After watching Maribel I decided to show her how it was done.

Next up was Patrick, he was a good sport and let me pick him up twice.

Larisa tried to pick Patrick up but it was like she was trying to move a tree.

After all of the fun I headed back out and got 12 more miles in for a total of 27. Not quite the 35 on the schedule but I was exhausted and ready to be done. Unfortunately then I got back to the van I found out I had a dead battery and had to get someone to jump it. 

Over all it was a good Sunday morning and I think I found my new thing.

Yep I'm going to randomly pick people up and take pictures of the fun.

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