Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Turkey Trot Recap...

This was my first year doing the Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot, and in normal fashion I choose to go big or go home. Why do one race on Thanksgiving morning when you can do three, so I choose the challenge.

James and I got up bright and early and dragged the girls out so I could run the 5k, 1 mile, and a 10k together called the Clearwater Challenge. We meet up with a lot of fellow Striders and got some pictures before the fun got started.

While I was running the 5k Audrey decided she wanted to run the 1 miler with me so James went and registered her and picker up her bib and shirt.

There was a 45 minute wait for the 1-miler to start so we had plenty of time for a photo to remember Audrey's race. She was so excited to run with me, unfortunately she wasn't aware how far 1 mile was. We took of running and made our way through the crowd and she was having a blast until a quarter mile in when she decided her legs were tired. The problem with this was that my 10k started just 15 minutes after the 1-miler started and I knew as soon as we took off I would not make it back to the start line in time.

We finished the 1-miler and I booked it back to the start line and just as I expected I was 5 minutes late and was one of the last of thousands of people to start. I almost turned around and walked back to find James and the girls but I didn't give up and decided to just do what I could. I took off running and quickly started catching people, once I caught up to some of the crowds of runners I was glad I decided to start.

The races weren't officially timed but based on my Garmin my totally unofficial times were:

5k-     31:38- 3.15 miles 10:03 pace
1 mile-12:41- 0.90 miles 14:06 pace with Audrey
10k- 1:04:02-6.24 miles 10:16 pace

Overall I'm happy with the races but I don't think I would do the challenge again unless they change the starting times so that there is a little more time in-between the 1-miler and 10k.

Once we were done with the races we all headed to Rebecca and Dana's new house for Thanksgiving and after I much needed shower I headed to the couch to hang out with Kaitlin and have a well deserved beer.

We all had a great time enjoying the new house and awesome yard and the girls had fun hanging out in their new race shirts while playing with their cousins.

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