Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 4 Recap...

June 25th- July 1st
Mon-  rest
Tues- 3 miles @10:04 pace
Wed- 6 miles@10:10 pace
Thur-  3 miles@9:57 pace
Fri-    20 mile ride
Sat-   11 miles@10:25 pace
Sun-  20 mile ride

Jen and I after 11 long miles

Lessons learned this week:
  • I need to take in more calories during our long runs, I had to gels and not only was that not enough they both had 2x caffeine and I could feel it messing with my system by the end of our run.
  • Looking at the picture above I need to lift more weights and get some tone to my arms.
  • I need to remember when I feel like crap towards the end of my long run that this is what training is for, if it were easy I would be ready to run a marathon now not in 14 weeks.
Plan for next week:

July 2nd- July 8th
Mon-  rest
Tues- 3 miles in the am
Wed- 10k race at midnight and a 5k race at 8am= 9 miles for the day
Thur-  3 miles 
Fri-    20 mile ride
Sat-   12 miles
Sun-  20 mile ride


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