Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Damn You Ikea

James had today off from work and the girls had school so we decided to get a quick ride in and then spend the day together. I needed to run 3 miles before we rode so James dropped me off on the trail before he took them to school.

I got 3 miles in but they sucked a little. I had my new shoes on for the first time outside and the first 1.5 miles were rough on my feet and I was pretty sore from lifting weights on Saturday. The second half was better and I made it back to the parking lot just as James was getting the bikes out of the can.

We headed out on our ride thinking we would cover 30 miles but we were both tired and the wind was bad so we called it quits at 15 miles. 

We ran home and showered and decided to head to Ikea and that's where the adventure began.
 I have been wanting grown up furniture and we found a set we liked and it was wood so we bit the bullet and bought a new bed frame, 2 night stands, and a dresser.
 The dresser was a pain to get together but the bed frame and night stands were pretty easy. Now we just need to go buy new curtains and our room will finally look like adults live in it.

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