Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 Miami Man Half Ironman Race Recap

Well I finished despite everything going wrong. Although I look happy in the picture I don't think I have been more upset about a race. 

Swim: 1.2 miles

The swim went well and just as expected I need to swim a lot more during training.

Bike: 56 miles

The bike started well, I was keeping a pretty good pace and felt I was fueling correctly. I m ade it through the first 15 mile section out to the main course which consisted of two 18 miles loops before heading 15 miles back to transition. The winds had started picking up and you could tell everyone was feeling it but 33 miles in is where I and a lot of other athletes messed up.

There was a sign to tell riders which direction to turn depending if you had finished the first loop and needed to go around one more time or if you had finished both loops and needed to head back to transition. Well the position and wording of the signs or at the least the one we saw screwed us over. After seeing the sign that stated second loop we all turned right and continued on with the bike portion, unfortunately a few miles into the second loop I received a rude awakening from a fellow triathlete.

Me: Feeling something was not right- "Hey, are we one the second loop"?
Guy: " Yeah, good job"
Me: "Oh ok" as I continue to ride and think that something still doesn't seem right
Guy: " Yep, we finished both loops and now we are headed back to transition"
Me: "Wait what, No!!!  What should I do"
Guy: " Well I guess you will just be short on the bike"

So I start to panic, I didn't train for months and spend all of this money to come to Miami to not complete the correct distance. So I while quickly losing my shit turn and head back out to start my second loop, that is until I reach an official who yells at me to tell me the course is closed and I have to go back to transition.

I did as he said and turned around and started to head back, crying and completely devastated that my race was ruined. That was until I said screw you to the rules and decided no matter what I would get 56 miles in, I rode up and down a stretch of road until I knew I would be at 56 miles when I did go back to transition. I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head about what I would say if someone asked what I was doing going the wrong direction, lucky for me no one except other athletes noticed me and even they didn't care.

Run: 13.1 miles

I finished the bike and got my running gear on and took off extremely pissed, I was mad at everything and everyone including myself. I did pretty well for the first two miles but the drama on the second half of the bike meant I didn't fuel properly and I started to pay for it. It got hot and I just wanted fluids so I drank and drank and drank until I had overdone it on the fluids and ended up throwing water a few times. I talked to other runners on the course and they had also turned the wrong way and added mileage to their ride which further pissed me off since this confirmed my mistake wasn't me not paying attention it was due to crappy signage/wording.

Finish line and recovery:

I came around the corner and saw the finish line I ran across the finish line with a smile on my face but James knew something was wrong. As soon as he put the camera done I lost it, I told him everything that happened and how it wasn't just me and that I was never going to do another 70.3. Within minutes I had calmed down and changed my tune and knew I would get a chance for redemption, just now in Miami.

We headed back to the hotel and rested for a little while before heading to Whole Foods for pizza which ended up being at least our third trip there since we got to the hotel.

So that was it I survived 70.3 miles and although it sucked I did learn a lot.

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