Monday, February 21, 2011

Gasparilla Half Marathon 2011...

This was my second attempt at Gasparilla half marathon and well it wasn't much better than the first.
My training was ok and I was faster than last year but it was not a happy or safe race.

I guess the bad choices started out the morning of the race at home. I had gotten a cold and so the morning of the race James suggested I take Advil cold and sinus( bad idea #1) which I did. I then had a bid cup of coffee so I would have plently of energy to run 13.1 miles(bad idea #2).

We got to the race site just fine and I was ready to go have a great race. On the way to the start line they were handing out 5 hour energy and I thought sure why not (bad idea #3). As soon as I drank it I realized it was a bad idea. 

Race info
Gasparilla half marathon

Distance: 13.1 mile run
My official time: 2:24:24

Lessons learned-do not put your earbuds down your shirt they will die, also do not take in excessive amounts of caffine and advil cold and sinus your average heartrate will be 199 bpm which is not ok.
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