Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photo shoot...

Tomorrow is Rebecca and Dana's one year anniversary and to celebrate they decided to have a
family photo shoot at our house.

The day started with coffee and an awkward smile.

The idea was to have pictures of each of the families and each individual family member
taken but it didn't start out as smoothly as we would have liked.

The girls had to be bribed with chocolate to even get near that camera
and even then they weren't interested in smiling.

Lesson of the day don't schedule a photo shoot involving toddlers during their nap time.
We had five toddlers who were all tired and not in the mood for sitting still.

 After the chocolate kicked in Uncle Joel took over we were able to
get them all to smile and have fun which was nice for a change.

The photo shoot did get better as the day progressed and I'm sure with the photographers
experience and equipment she will have snapped some good shots.

I decided to end the crazy day the way it started, with more coffee in my favorite mug.
Time to get ready for a full day of school tomorrow.
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