Saturday, January 8, 2011

6 quick miles...

This morning I headed to Starkey for a 4 mile run but ended up getting 6 great miles in. I started off slow to warm up but then I caught up with Kim and we ran 5 more miles together. Here is a picture of us at social hour we were seriously ready for some hot coffee.

 After I got home we decided to head to Target to get some snacks for the week and I ended up with this cute lunch bag. Since I will be on campus all day two days a week I will need to pack food for the day and a cute bag will make it more fun.

Once we got home we decided to make some fresh bread and decided on a oatmeal molasses bread.

It turned out really good and I ate way to many slices with Earth Balance and a drizzle of honey on them. Now I'm off to clean the house for the photo shoot tomorrow.
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