Monday, November 1, 2010

3 days and 60 miles done...

I have been wanting to participate in this walk for about 10 years and I was always to out of shape or pregnant. But this year I signed up and got it done. I put in countless 5 hour training walks and raised all of the $2,300 required to walk and I had a great time.
The team I trained with over the summer.

One on a number of bridges we walked across the first day.

Heading down the bridge.

Enjoying the walk along the beach.

Thank goodness for a break at lunch.

Me and my MIL Carla who crewed on the walk and was great support to have around.


Well of course we had to stop and touch ourselves.

Blue tongues after having a much needed ice pop from a supporter.

And finally where we spent the night, it was a sea of pink tents.
Overall I had a great time and maybe one day I'll do it again. With my school schedule and the time it takes to fundraise and do the 18 mile training walks it's going to have to wait a few years before I can do it again.

Event info

Distance: 60 mile walk
My official time: 3 days
 Lessons learned:
1. Blisters don't require chemo so suck it up and keep walking.
2. Bring an air mattress, sleeping on the ground after walking 20 miles a day is rough.





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