Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 weeks of school left..

Update time-

Kids- They are good and getting smarter by the minute. I'm going to have to stay in school just so I have a chance at keeping up with Audrey.

School- With two weeks left, I currently have an A and possibly the highest grade in the class so I would say that's great.

Training- Ugh not as good but it will work out this week is a slow week in training and now that I have my new cycling shoes I should be back in the game.

Work- ??? For a few hours yesterday I thought about accepting a part-time position back at the CU but I've decided I just need to focus on getting into a routine with the girls and training and make school my top priority.

Weightloss- Well since the training has been low I'm still at a 63-64 pound loss. Saturday will mark 11 months since I started working out so in one more month I will suck it up and post before and after pictures.
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