Friday, June 25, 2010

First night of school...

Well I made if through my first class and we even got out early but she said it won't happen again which I understand. I'm taking microeconomics and since it's a summer class we only have 6 weeks to cram everything in which is very scary since there is a lot to remember. Oh well I'll just take one class at a time and study whenever possible.

We did get a swim in yesterday at the Y before I went to class but I didn't work out at all today. I was totally stressed and tired and couldn't get anything done and like normal the girls were driving me crazy.

Plans for the weekend- I will be going for a short run with the Striders in the morning followed by a one hour ride per my Oly training plan. Tomorrow night we are heading to Tiffany and Joe's house to catch up over dinner and swim in the lake near their house.

I'm not sure about anything exciting on Sunday other than a few short workouts for both of us and lots of studying for me.
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