Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bike accident...

I figured I would go back and add the pictures from my bike accident in May 2010.

I was going out for a 40 mile ride with a friend but 12 miles into it I crashed. I was in aero position going
16-18 mph when my front tire went off the road, I crashed into some trees and went over the handle bars.

It hurt like hell but I had no choice but to ride the 12 miles back to the park. It looked pretty bad but it was actually worse than I could tell at that point.
By the second day the bruising really showed up and I could barely walk.

After a quick x-ray we were relived to know nothing was broken I just had two large hematomas in my leg.
I ended up going to see a physical therapist and having laser treatments done to break up all of the blood in my muscles. If I ever get hurt again I will go straight to them that machine was great.
After some investigation we realized my aero pad holder is what caused the large cut. It sucks I hurt my leg but I was actually more concerned with my bike since I had just gotten it back from the shop the day before.

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