Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gasparilla Half Marathon 2010...

This was my first race ever of any distance and maybe choosing a half marathon as the first wasn't a good idea.

Overall I loved the actual race and I will definitely be doing it again in 2011 but hopefully in a lot better shape. I had been working with a trainer for a few months to get ready for the race but she tore my legs up the Thursday before this Sunday race. I could barley walk the three days leading up to the race.
To make matters worse everything I could have done wrong for this race I did and it sucked. I tried new gel blasts that were hard to chew, I went out to fast, I let the trainer kill my legs the week prior, and the worst thing was not hydrating properly.
By the end of the race I was colder than I have ever been and I could barely walk. We hung around and waited for a friend to finish the marathon but I only got worse. By the time we went to pick the girls up a few hours later I had the worst headache of my life and couldn't move out of the car to walk up four steps to get them. James brought us all home and I crawled into bed and just held my head until I passed out. Let's hope 2011 goes a lot better and I'm a lot faster.

Race info

Distance: 13.1 mile run
My official time: 2:52:05

Lessons learned- hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more.
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